Our Mission:

Our mission is to forge an alliance with our clients in order to provide cost effective services in an ethical and socially responsive manner; to make meaningful and innovative contributions to you our clients.

Services Provided:

·         Give customer the ability to make one call for any service/maintenance needs

·         Provide cost effective solutions 

·         Provide customers with up to date web based reports on the status of all jobs

·         Receive and audit all invoicing for remodeling/repairs/maintenance calls

·         Regulate all repair/maintenance agreements and contracts

·         Provide RS Means estimates on all feasible maintenance/remodeling projects

·         Write a functional scope of work and provide job walks on all feasible projects

·         Receive bids for projects

·         If needed, write contracts and order equipment for projects

·         Control budgets, scopes, exceptions, change orders and additional chargesOversee the job from conception to completion


To provide, you, the customers with a service based company that is able to handle any and all building, remodeling, repairs and maintenance calls that may arise, to quickly deploy solutions, on time and on budget, that fully meet our customers needs. To make certain you customer receives the most value for your expenditure and plan to manage with value added aspects, focusing on objectives to ensure our customers projects, departments and organizations are successful.


Our goal is to become your preferred remodeling, repair and maintenance provider, through experienced project management, consulting and quality work. To provide strategic, objective and timely solutions that benefits you, our customer’s needs.





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