About Our Company

Diamond Ridge Development Corporation has been in the general commercial construction industry since November 30, 1998. Facility Maintenance, Tenant Improvements and Remodeling are, and will continue to be the core of our business.

Diamond Ridge Development can perform almost any repair, maintenance or remodeling task by means of utilizing our in house crews and our pool of company approved subcontractors.

Our Mission

Our mission is to forge an alliance with our clients in order to provide cost effective services in an ethical and socially responsive manner; to make meaningful and innovative contributions to you our clients.

Our Team

Jeff & Lynette

Jeff & Lynette Green

Office Staff

Lynette Green

President & CFO

Linda Jackson


Miranda Green


Construction Staff

Jeff Green

Vice President

Brett Jenkins

Project Manager

Brandon Goshow

Project Manager

Mike Van Eck

Project Manager

Gabe Gomes

Project Manager

Rest Areas

Rick Bohl

Rest Area Manager

Scott Warner

Rest Area Operations